Conflict on essential patents between Apple and Ericcson. Image of a cannon to represent the battle

War and peace: agreement between Apple and Ericsson on essential patents

In peacetime, the famous producer of the iPhone paid, for a long time, royalties to Ericsson for the use of its technology (including the radio communication standard “4G”), protected by over 40 patents. However, war burst as soon as the license agreement expired. From that moment on App...
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identity theft is a form of internet crimes that is growing in numbers

Online stores under fake name

Recently, a German radio program (“NDR info”) carried out investigations whose findings indicate how, in recent times, thousands of Internet data have been unlawfully used to open online stores and sell counterfeit products as, for instance, sunglasses, shoes or bags of famous brands. Vi...
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Image which shows lego figures now protected as european community trade marks

Lego figures are 3D protected community trademarks

After the recent decision of the General Court of the European Union, the famous toy Lego figures will remain protected as Community trademark. Indeed, the General Court has dismissed an appeal brought by the british company Best-Lock (T-395/14 and T396 / 14) against a decision of the Office for Har...
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