European registered trademark search

Normally the legislator grants a registered trademark owner not only the right to prohibit third parties from using an identical sign to distinguish identical products or services on the market, but also the right to prevent use by third parties of any similar sign to distinguish similar products or services if there is a “likelihood of confusion” or “association” by the public.

In some countries such rights to prevent competitors from the “use of a trademark” are granted based on the simple use on the market by a company.




Therefore, since the obstacles to the grant of a trademark may vary, it is highly recommended to make a trademark search before filing a trademark application. Such search has to be accurate and adequate in order to achieve an effective trademark protection; in some cases it should also cover symbols used in the market.
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By means of a general trademark search our trademark lawyers:

  • Make the pertinent investigations;
  • Analyse results based on the relevant legislation, in order to prevent possible obstacles to the grant of the trademark;
  • Draft reports and legal opinions.


In case of need of international trademark search, inmentor put at your disposal specialised multilingual lawyers experienced in trademark and business name searches at european level.

It is crucial for this process to be professionally carried out prior to start with a trademark or company name registration.

Although it is not possible to provide absolute guarantees that a trademark will be granted, a trademark search is a good tool to sharpen the trademark strategy and significantly reduce the risk of opposition from third parties and the risk of being forced to change the trademark itself, despite the investments already made.

Trademark Search

For a trademark registration devoid of pitfalls it is needed a prior professional search