Intellectual property and patent protection

inmentor offers legal advice specializing in intellectual property and patent protection, among other:

For example, we can provide to you an international legal advice on the following issues:

Consultancy on intellectual property and patents

  • legal advice on how to protect or defend your intellectual property assets: explain the issue to us and we will inform you of your rights and how to protect your confidential information, your invention, your design or your trademark.
  • contracts: we draft and negotiate for you the agreements you need to use your intellectual property assets. Example of contracts:
    1. Licence agreements (trademarks, designs, patents, know how, etc.)
    2. Franchising contracts.
    3. Assignment of rights.
    4. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
    5. Collaboration agreement (R&D).
  • legal advice and representation in conflicts with third parties: we remain at your disposal both to assist you and to defend you in case of conflict with third parties. We help you with actions against presumed infringers of your intellectual copyrights as well as in case of unfair competition. You can also rely on us to study the best strategy in order to defend you from a law suit, or should you receive a cease and desist letter.
  • training regarding intellectual property rights: you can rely on our experience and knowledge for the organization of training sessions on trademarks, patents, designs, etc.

Online Consulting

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