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We offer international and multilingual legal advice on everything related to the defence and protection of creations.

We are lawyers and passionate about innovation because it is a valuable form of expression of the human being. We like it in any of its forms: artistic creations, technologies, brands, industrial designs, etc.

Our legal services are designed to assist the creators (authors, inventors, designers, entrepreneurs, new companies, etc.) who need legal advice on intellectual property or new technologies.

We offer specialized, international and multilingual advice


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propiedad industrial proteccion legal

Intellectual property

Lawyers with international experience offer legal services, specialized in Intellectual Property Law. Patent, trademark, design…
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propiedad intelectual derechos de autor


Specialized professional advice to protect your creativity and defend your rights.
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Industrial design protection

Industrial designs protect the external appearance of a product or a part of it.

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Trademarks and other distinctive signs

Our lawyers give legal advice to companies and professionals to register a trademark or trade name internationally.

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Plant variety protection

The breeding or development of new plant varieties requires a great investment and effort, which deserves to have the best possible protection.

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registro patentes y modelos de utilidad

Patents and utility models

Inventions often share the same problem: as soon as the new product hits the market, competitors can see it, copy it, and offer it at a lower price.

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Our values


Our professional relationship is based on trust. The enquiries are confidential and its resolution is based on strong ethical standards, both personal and professional, shared among our team of lawyers.


Our team reaches over 20 years of experience in the field of intellectual property and new technologies.


We study the case in depth and look for tailor-made solution.


Our legal advice is realistic and objective. We inform you clearly, avoiding to generate false expectations.


We provide legal advice at national and international level.

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    We protect your trademark:

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    We offer international and multilingual advice


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