eCommerce & internet

Today, nearly everybody uses the internet. Its global nature and immediacy are just some of the advantages compared with traditional working and communication methods. However, online business, in particular eCommerce, is affected by broad and changing legislation which includes, inter alia, internet specific regulations, as well as rules concerning contracts, consumers and users, trademarks, copyright, etc.

At inmentor, we offer complete, tailor-made legal advice, essential to operate with confidence in the online world and key to success on the Web.

International legal services offered by inmentor include:

  • Internet and information society; legal advice, also online, on the provision of information society and e-commerce services, in particular:
    • Adjustment of your e-commerce and information society services to the relevant rules (LSSI-CE);
    • Legal auditing of web pages;
    • Implementation of the recommendations in the legal auditing, such as drafting of legal disclaimers, privacy policy and conditions of use of the web site;
    • personal data protection.
  • Electronic commerce; if you have an online shop, do not take unnecessary risks; make sure you comply with the relevant legislation. Our international lawyers are at your disposal for:
    • Drafting General Purchase Conditions y as well as other web clause drafting;
    • Implementation of legal procedures for distance selling and methods of payment, etc.;
    • Prior risk analysis on damages that may be caused by defective products, web content, links, etc.;
    • Drafting and revision of hosting contracts.
  • Domain name; expert lawyers offer the following services to help you avoid or resolve conflicts:
    • Advising on disputes over domain names;
    • Recovery of domains in arbitration proceedings before national and international agencies and law courts;
    • Actions before registration authorities.

Contact us clearly describing the matter and your needs. We will try to give you clear information and possibly the budget to benefit you from our services.