inmentor offers comprehensive legal advice covering any matter relating to intellectual property; our advice includes an initial assessment, effective protection, the contract necessary for you to make use of your intellectual property rights, as well as the appropriate action in case of conflict.

specialised lawyer can advise and assist you on:

  • Protection of copyright: we guide you on issues relating to the protection, negotiation and defence of your copyrights. We write and review licence agreements as well as any other kind of contract related to copyright.
  • Software: we help you to protect your software and your databases at the key stages of development, in particular in sale, distribution and subsequent control. We also give legal advice on managing software licences, on relations with partners, distributors and outside developers.
  • Apps: we provide specific legal advice on the development and design of mobile apps, as well as creating the necessary licences.

Our lawyers are also expert in issues like intellectual property rights.

Contact us clearly describing the matter and your needs. We will try to give you clear information and possibly the budget to benefit you from our services.