How much does it cost to register a trademark?

The overall cost of registering a distinctive sign (brand, logo, tradename) is not very high, especially compared with other activities that typically require a trademark (such as, development, marketing or advertising, etc.). Further, it is important to keep in mind that, if granted, a trademark is protected for at least 10 years.

inmentor lawyers always provide a clear and precise (as far as possible) cost estimate in advance to suit customer needs.

Usually estimates include the following:

Official fees

In order to register a trademark it is necessary to pay certain official fees, established by the legislator or other competent body. The actual amount payable varies depending on, for example:

  • the country or geographical area in which the trademark is to be registered (each state sets its own rates);
  • the number of classes of products or services included in the trademark application;
  • if a “union” priority is claimed;
  • the urgency of the application.

Normally, the fees must be paid at the time the application is submitted. However, sometimes they can only be accurately calculated when the registration procedure reaches a specific stage of processing (for instance, upon decision to grant or before examination).


Application fees 2023 (online):

  • 127.88 EUR (includes some categories of products and services);
  • 82.84 EUR for each additional category.

European Union Trademark

Application fees (online):

  • 850 EUR for the first class;
  • 50 EUR for the second class;
  • 150 EUR for each additional category (exceeding the first 2).

More information on fees related to the MUE

Attorney fees for lawyers specializing in trademarks protection

Our lawyers’ fees cover our services which include mainly the following:

  • Specialized legal advice before, during and after the trademark grant;
  • Preparation and filing of the trademark application at the relevant Trademark Office, as well as follow‐up;
  • Basic trademark watch service, in case of grant of the trademark.

The sum of the Official and the Attorney fees is the price for the protection of a trademark or business name.

Should you be interested in knowing our attorney fees please complete our form for the protection of your trademark or contact us directly. We will reply as soon as possible with a clear and accurate quote, tailored to the needs of the particular case that you submit to us.

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